Verizon cashed my check but didn't pay Directv

 . I recntly switched to timewarner because of internet speeds. ( FIOS unavailble my area)  So I made my last  BUNDLED payment to verizon June 12, 2015 and it was cashed June 14, 2015. This past Friday I recieved a bill from Directv saying verizon hasnt pain them. I have been on the phone with several people that dont know why it hasnt been paid. One rep said give a few months......then said my next bill is only 31 bucks ( partial payment for next month) . I told him that Verizon cashed my check and didnt pay directv and you are letting me know about 31 bucks I owe you for next month?? Can you please help me ? Or point me in the right direction??

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