Verizon changed my plan without permission

Yesterday on 11423 I called Verizon to change the plan on my MiFi.  I was unable to change it myself because of Verizon app wasn't working on either of our phones. So I called 611 spoke to an agent and was able to get the plan on the jetpack changed which was all I wanted.  Before I hung up with him the phone I was calling from my husband's went into Roming  and that concerned me because a few weeks ago when I changed the phone plan on my phone it went into roaming afterwards but Verizon said that was normal when the phone plan changes for a short time.

 So I specifically ask the agent did you change the phone plan on the phone or the jetpack and he said on the jetpack only. I told him I was concerned because my phone I was calling from when enteromy and that had happened before. He specifically told me no only the jetpack plan was changed nothing else so I said okay thank you.

Not long after I went into Verizon wants to app was working again and saw that the phone plan on my husband's phone had been changed to the 5G get more the phone plan that my husband had was an old one that was grandfathered in. He wanted that plan because he uses his phone a lot and it worked perfect for him and we did not want to change it. I called Verizon back to tell them that his plan had got changed without my permission and that it cost more. I told them I wanted my original plan back that was on there and of course they told me that because it was grandfathered in they can't go back to it because it doesn't exist anymore. But they can leave the new plan on there at the higher rate. I told her Asia that if for some reason they can't go back to the old plan which was $70 a month and they have to leave the new plan on there then they can make it $70 a month. She said that they could not do that and they could give us a lesser plan that cost $70 a month I told her no it was done without our permission and we did not want it so it needs to be fixed. She gave me a $20 credit which is actually nothing for all the inconvenience. And no promise of anything being changed on it. What can I do to get this fixed because it is not right what they did. There was no permission and I specifically asked multiple times which plan was being changed because I was worried this would happen.


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Re: Verizon changed my plan without permission
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We absolutely want to make sure we provide all the needed clarity for this situation. Could you send us a Private Note so we can discuss the specifics? *Zachary