Verizon charging me for devices that were free when signing up

I  just spent 3+ hours online chat with Verizon to be rewarded with a ticket to investigate after i discovered I was being charged for my kids' devices instead of paying the insurance I supposedly bought for $50 a month. 

When we moved from Canada to the US we purchased 3 lines, the kids with $0 phones. Instead of paying for device coverage I am paying $50 a month in device fees that I was told would be credited to my account monthly after the first couple of bill cycles. Verizon claims they can find no previous offers from that month for free phones to remove device charges and retro actively reminburse me. So because I don't have any confirmation of what offers were during Aug/September of 2021 I am just out of luck? 

I see that this is a constant complaint for Verizon. 


Have some integrity...Do the right thing. 

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Customer Service Rep

amandaelizabeth076, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Making sure you receive a  resolution for your promotion concern is important. Can you please confirm that an investigation ticket has been processed? 



I told the agent i had not received an email confirmation of ticket and they replied that I would not receive an email until it's resolved. When I asked how long that would be, they said they didn't know.