Verizon collections

I received a notice from my credit report that I had a “closed account” with Verizon. This took my credit score from a 800 to a 696!!! Down 104 points!   In August of 2023, my husband and I got onto one account. I paid my bill and also the joint bill. I NEVER received a phone call, bill in the mail or text message about a charge from my old account. How would one know about a bill from a past account that is now closed?!?! Trying to speak to someone to remove this mark on my credit is impossible. Sure, I paid the $82 bill, which I would have paid had I known it existed! So many people have similar problems with Verizon. Terrible customer service! For someone that has been with Verizon since 2013, never making a late payment, you would think someone would tell me I have a missed bill. Also, the account is closed! You cannot access it to pay this “late payment.” I still have a Verizon account. This “late bill” should have been put on the existing account. 

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, Rae131, thanks for reaching out regarding your billing. We appreciate your long time service and know it's important for your credit report to accurately reflect the payment that was made. Since you have satisfied the balance, this information will be reported to the credit bureaus to show the account was paid in full and your credit report will be adjusted accordingly.