Verizon customer service makes switching to them a horrible experience


I have had a horrible experience switching from Comcast to Verizon (and I haven't even gotten my Verizon service installed yet). From the get-go, Verizon has used deceptive practices to get my business.

The first agent I talked to made me agree to an order without sending me an email of the breakdown of the prices. He misrepresented the price telling me I would be charged one thing, and then when the email with the breakdown came, the prices were different. When I called back, another agent mentioned that she didnt even know how the first agent got out of the order without me manually agreeing to it in my email. She then offered me a package that was more in alignment with the prices I was told I would be charged. I picked an install date and all seemed good.

Then Verizon called to switch my install date the day before they were supposed to come out to install the services. I said fine. They sent me another email with the breakdown of prices and it was again different!!! I called back AGAIN, and the customer service representative acknowledged that I had agreed to a different price and that the new email was a "glitch in the system". He said he would waive the install fee for us given how much hassle we've had to go through. He said within 24 hours, I should see a ticket order in my email. 

Four days later, and on the day of our scheduled install, still no ticket order email. So I call back, concerned that the install will happen and that Verizon will start billing me on a rate that I did not agree to. The agent says that they indeed do need to "find a way" to honor the price I agreed to in my email and that he needs to now put in a ticket order to see how it will be fixed on their end. When I asked about the install waive fee, he said there was NO RECORD OF ME CALLING FOUR DAYS EARLIER. He kept repeating "it's a valid charge." I told him I am already a disappointed and unsatisfied customer with Verizon and I don't even have the services installed yet. 

Then my husband called to see what was going on with the account. Another agent told him that no technician/engineer has even picked up our order yet and that they are not coming today!!!! So mind you, now I've taken TWO separate days off work now thinking Verizon was coming to install our services. The agent was apalled that they did not call me to tell me that they were not coming today. 

I have never been so dissatisfied with a company's practices or customer service. Throughout this entire process with Verizon, they have consistently promised one thing, and then done another. They have consistently misrepresented the price of their services. I am seriously debating whether I even want to make the switch from Comcast to Verizon now. 

Re: Verizon customer service makes switching to them a horrible experience
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Hi A1234B,

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