Verizon customer service

Verizon customer service has to be the worse possible.  I called last week to get an additional outlet for fios hooked up and the representative told me it would be $70 and a $50 charge for the technician.  I called a week later to scheduled the service and now it is a charge of $170 not $120. I was transferred to a supervisor how could have cared less and said nothing she can do, i was like really I pay verizon over $600 a month for tv and phone service and this is how the customer is treated.  All i could get is I apologize for the confusion.  So after being with verizon for years they are willing to lose a customer of miss information and $50,  I wasn't asking for it free or anything.  I tell you this weekend i will be checking into switching cell phone service to Sprint and seeing about getting Comcast.  I tell you VERIZON could care less about their customers and should offer the service for free.  they don't even come out anymore to hook it up you do it yourself, when i switched from FIOS to quantum tv i did everything and turned in the equipment.  I understand a charge but what the hell $170 to move and outlet 10 feet this is a joke.