Verizon customer service
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Since June or July I have dealt with Verizon, calling them because of their mistakes. I have been with Verizon for idk 2-4 years. I moved in my new apartment back in June or July and made a phone call to switch my services over to the new apartment. I received a box to return my router even though my service is still continuing, why else would I switch my services. I made another phone call once I started receiving notifications of my paying an amount for unreturned equipment I was told on the phone by a representative that I can ignore those messages because the system will correct itself because my service is on going. I did what she told me to do. I then got charged for the equipment when I then called AGAIN because it was wrong and I was given wrong information. The guy I was on the phone with said he would reverse the payments and then the payment for just the internet would be charged automatically. Today I was told by my roommate, who pays the internet bill (btw I’m the account holder) we got charged $179. I called Verizon and the first person I talked too told me it was because of us not paying last months bill (mind you they told me it would automatically come out), for him to transfer me to billing and payment as he was technical support for her to be generous and kinda and understand the issue. My roommate has 0$ in his bank account until he gets paid Friday (no money for gas, no money for food at work, no money for an emergency situation). This representative told me all she can personally do is give us a $10 off a month because she feels bad for this situation and is doing everything she could, I asked to speak to a supervisor as I told her my roommate will have no money until he gets paid again and she was more then happy to help because she understands that it was an issue. She sends me over to a supervisor for billing and support and she has had the worst customer service I’ve ever seen in any industry. She told me that the representative that gave me the $10 off a month gave me a more then generous offer with that. Had to explain the situation 7-12 different times because she said she didn’t understand. She said no issue on Verizon’s behalf was made, mind you she’s raising her voice at me to the point she said “let me pull the phone away from my face so it doesn’t seem like I’m raising my voice at you” and would speak over me anytime she didn’t like something or told me she didn’t understand the situation when I would reexplain to her. Basically said we were the issue it didn’t get paid last month. When I asked to switch over to someone on her level or above she would do whatever she could or say that she couldn’t do either. Said people above her don’t accept phone calls (at the end I asked for someone’s email instead because she said this) then said they don’t accept emails they would have to call me back. An hour into the conversation she asked if I was the account holder even though she asked me for my name in the beginning of the call (all phone calls I’ve made even the three today asked me for my name). She said she is giving “logical” solutions (which I took as I’m not logical). Had no compassion of the situation. I’ve also never been late or missed a payment with Verizon and explained why was I told it would come out automatically last month, I would’ve had it manually done, payment isn’t an issue. She basically blamed us for the whole situation and was Blatantly disrespectful towards me. She told me she can’t discount last months payment (this was to ease my roommate to have money until he got paid) and told me they don’t give free service and that if she were to do it with her electric she would be denied. I explained to her I’ve never had an issue with services until now that the reason last month didn’t get paid until today was because of the lack of knowledge or customer service from Verizon on every phone call since June or July and it was a messed up situation because now my roommate has $0 because every person messed up. She had the lack of understanding an individual, downright awful customer service skills (even though she has been with Verizon for 18 years) and has no respect for customers at all. So here I am because I don’t really think she put in for a request for someone to call me back in 2-3 business days. Who am I gonna have to talk to about the disappointment Verizon is atm? Mind you she took away the $10 off a month because I wanted to talk to someone about the customer service I’ve received since June or July because it “escalated” already. Who can I talk to about this and how does it get fixed? If I have to go to social media for it to finally get fixed then I’ll do what I must. But this whole situation is because Verizon customer service representative either A lack communication towards their customers B lack the knowledge of their job and/ or C Verizon doesn’t care about any of their customers because obviously based on some of these feedbacks everyone has the same issue. Verizon is going to end up losing all their customers. (Btw the issue isn’t about paying, otherwise I would never be on time with bills or be over due on bills or would’ve had this situation happen more then once about receiving money back and I say this because that’s what Verizon supervisor implied of me wanting a free hand out)