Verizon does not have any heart
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Verizon sent me a wrong replacement box because one of their techs fooled with a perfectly running one and totally messed it up for no reason while he was here to change a box outside that had broken and wasn't working.   To top it off the tech didn't have another box and  instead of a silver box they sent me a black one to replace the one the tech destroyed with his toy.  When I asked him why he was touching the box he told me oh this way you will get more frequencies.  More friquencies for what? 

 Now the problem comes trying to get the wrong one back to them.  I am a 73 year old disabled senior citizen and cannot lift or carry heavy items.  Now these boxes have to weigh at least 20 pounds or more. 

I begged them if someone could please come here and get it because of my disability and was told "we don't do that, you have to get it to UPS yourself".   Well when I had Time Warner if something such as a box needed to be returned they came and picked it up and their boxes were much smaller and lighter.

So it sat in my kitchen all boxed up with me trying to get a descent day that I could get it on my luggage rack and bounce it down the stoop stairs and get it into my car by myself.   Of course during this and getting it out of my car and waiting on a long line at UPS it threw my back out on me and I ended up in severe pain for many days over it.

Now what do they do?   They bill me for this darn box on my current bill that is not one I could use to begin with because it is the wrong box.   Told when they get it they will credit me.  Guess what?  What does the woman say to me?   Why didn't you ask for it to be picked up by one of our technicians!!!!!!   Well I begged them for that to happen but they told me they do not pick the boxes up even though they sent the wrong one to begin with.   So while I am waiting for UPS to get the darn box back to them I have to pay for something I do not have and am not using.  How could I possibly use the wrong box that doesn't work with what I have?

The service at Verizon stinks and so does their customer service.  I am totally fed up with this experience and it's been one bad one after another with this company.