Verizon erroneously ruined my credit the very day I'm getting a loan for a home!
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Verizon erroneously ruined my credit the very day I'm getting a loan for a home!

 I cannot begin to describe how horrible my family and I feel.

 Verizon has erroneously reported a delinquency to the credit bureaus, and it knocked 106 points off my credit score.. It appeared on my credit report the day before yesterday, the very day I applied for a pre-qualification to buy a home. Verizon is causing tremendous damage to our lives, and it is Verizon's mistake.

I cancelled my Fios 3 months ago. I was charged a month in advance after I cancelled the internet service and they were supposed to give me a refund but nothing happened.  When I called Verizon, a very nice Customer Service Rep. saw the problem in her records and told me it would be taken care of. I did not get any more bills. They issued a 54.99 refund to my bank account. All was OK until I found that Verizon ruined my credit by adding a derogative payment of 54.99!, the same money they just had refunded!!

I called them the next day as I found out very late in the night and was not able to even sleep. The rep. I spoke to said that my original Fios account was in collections and I still owed $54.99.

I had never received another bill from Verizon.  I have made numerous phone calls since I spoke to Sr. Reps., etc. etc.  No returned calls, no emails, no action, and NO proof or records can be sent to me that I even owe the money at all.

After spending  numerous hours with customer Verizon’s customer service, financial department and their collections / credit department they finally realized that they made a mistake and they posted a 54.99 "credit" to that closed account (after they did a refund) and sent the settlement to the 3 major credit bureaus but the blemish in my so far perfect credit  is now going to last 7 years! I am starting a claim and dispute as soon as possible! 

For serious personal reasons my family needs to sell my house and buy another. Verizon has likely destroyed our ability to do so. Sorry for the drama, but my wife is in tears.

If anyone can give me some advice, I need it badly. I need to get this off my credit report ASAP.

I think Verizon's cable is superior to Comcast, I am indeed still a Verizon customer as I got their Fios service again but now I feel that they don’t deserve me as a client for what they did.

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This just happened to our daughter who is trying to close on a home.  To make thing worse a door to door salesmen sold her on Verizon and she got equipment in the mail. She followed the directions but was never able to get the service to work. She is a full time teacher and a single mom. After three months of battling this, she kept getting the run around on how and who to return the equipment to as each time she called they had no information about her in their system.  She finally was able to return the equipment which she never was able to get to work and now just a few days before she is about to close on a $270,000 house which she is putting $40,000 down on, they pulled her credit one last time and it was pinged over 100 points for a collection by Verizon over $200 which she learned today that because she returned the equipment late.

She spent ALL day trying to contact the correct point of contact to try and resolve the matter only to be referred to various people in Verizon with no success!

The Lender is requiring a letter indicating that this matter is resolved from Verizon.

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Hi CriptoAlarma,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.


one of the things afforded under this act is the ability to contact the three credit bureaus and demand they remove the bad information due to it being wrong.

the credit collection agencies Verizon gave it to must also notify the credit bureaus to remove the bad credit line due to error. And the credit bureaus can then fix your account before seven years. I will send a private message as to other remedies.

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