Verizon has been overcharging my account
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Verizon has been overcharging my account and removed my trade-in discount for some reason - been dealing with getting charged the wrong amount in the past few months - very upsetting 

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I'm sorry to hear you have been having so many issues getting answers about your bill. I'm happy to look into your history and investigate. So we can protect your information I'll be sending you a Private Note. 


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They did the same to me I feel like explaining as well as recently they charged me over $500 dollars on my bank account and I have talked to them as of the other day as there is an payment investigation ongoing on my end and that they suppose to be putting that money back into my account of the payment method that they withdrawed it out of and they did not have my consent nor authorization nor approval at all to be doing that as I call that stealing money from out of my bank account and they got my bank account in a negative dollar amount of over $200 dollars, yes they sure do, I got to keep check of my account until the 7th day to see if it will be back into my account as that will be this upcoming Tuesday next week in the next couple of days and if it do not be back in there by then I got to hit them up and let them assist me about that big charge amount they got my bank account into at the moment, and I thought about just giving up from having phone service with Verizon as I have thought about doing a number transfer to a different wireless carrier and let me services get cut off automatically after my number get transferred/ported from Verizon,