Verizon is cheating on their clients! The worst reps ever seen!
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Caution: NEVER trust Verizon sales reps!  Misrepresentations!

I am wondering how Verizon trains their reps?  Is this a way Verizon runing the business? 

My scenario is that, at the first time I opened the new account and chose the Internet service (Internet only, speed up to 100Mbps, $39.99 per month), I was told that I have a term named "Grace period", which indicates that I have the right to cancel the service at anytime within 30-45 days if I feel unsatisfied with it, and with out any charge. Eventhough I basically understand what the "Grace period" means since that is a common term which some other merchants usually offer,  I confirmed again and again with the representative because I am not a native-spearker and I don't want any misunderstanding. And all the answers are positive.  Also, the emails I received from them do not contain any detailed policies and terms. Which means all the information regarding my service is from what the representative said. And I trusted them.  

Moreover, after couple of days, I heard from my community events that  Comcast offers a same servce with similar price but less installation fee (around $50), which is lower than Verizon($99.99). So that, I tried to contact Verizon customer service to see if that fee is negotiable.  "Fortunately", once the representative heard about that, he immediatelly promised that the installation fee could be waived, and would help to do so.  Till then, everything seemed very good.

However,  after about three weeks using the internet, when I checked my online account, the amount of due payment is totally $150.78 including one month service free+ device rent+ installation fee+ tax. I felt a little confused about the amount, thus I called the customer service number to verify  and tried to ask what the final bill would be if I cancel my service by that time.  I got a very rediculous response actually.  That rep said I sitll have to pay the full amount,  my service doesn't have the term of grace period because it's not contracted, and the installation fee can not be waived because they don't have any notice or record in the system regarding the waive. I suddenly felt I was tricked. Everthing I heard is totally different from what I was told before.  I tried to use my poor English to argue with them, while that rep just kept on reading their policy, records and even the content of emails I ever received without any patience! I was trying to ask them to pull out the records of the previous phone call to see what their reps said since every time when I call the service number the system always reminds "this call maybe recorded or monitored...", however, they said they were not able to.  In addition, when I was saying I wouldn't pay the money unless get a reasonal answer, that rep said that will impact my personal credit.  Although it's true, I still felt that was a threat!

Two days after that fruitless conversation, in order to prove what I was saying, I called the service number again and requested to waive the installation fee. Intersetingly, that rep, again, gladly agreed to waive that fee and  said he would process immediately.  Funny! In case any repudiation, I wrote down his name J.D(not sure correct spelling) and the time I called 8:10 pm 1/25/2018. 

Here, today, I contacted them a couple of hours ago. The answer is the same: no noctie regarding the waive are found. Laughing!!!

Shortly, I am deeply feeling I am cheated and tricked!  Is that Verizon? Is that your customer service? Is that your reps??? I have been always telling the truth, I always trust what your reps said since I believe they must be more professional than us. Look what they have done?!!!! How dare I trust Verizon again??? 

I hope some of you working here can give a resonable answer! One hundred buck is not that important to me, but I just need an integrity! 

Re: Verizon is cheating on their clients! The worst reps ever seen!

You are complaining to a customer helping customer forum.

first the Complete customer satisfaction guarantee is only 30 days. No longer.

the fee work installation is normally only waive via online ordering, it is a rare occurrence that it’s waived on chat or over the phone.

other places do the same thing.

you will have to decide to either cut your losses and terminate service or stay and see just what the monthly invoice will be after the first invoice.

Its up to you.

Good Luck

Re: Verizon is cheating on their clients! The worst reps ever seen!

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.