Verizon is refusing to honor their promise. I have a receipt showing that promise but no one will help me
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Verizon won't honor the promise made by the representative to replace my flip 4 with the fold 4. My phone hasn't worked since I've had it. I understand there is a difference in price and we discussed it extensively. She said that she would have a phone shipped to me and adjusted my bill to reflect the new cost.

please answer quick they are threatening to cancel the order and I don't want that.

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Re: Verizon is refusing to honor their promise.
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We're sorry that you're having so much trouble, but there's a lot more here that we'd need to know about. We are not phone manufacturers, so when your phone needs replacing as part of the 1-year warranty that it comes with, or if insurance includes an extended warranty, any replacements will always be the same make/model device. If you want to exchange your phone for a different make/model, that would have to be done within the first 30 days of your purchase, or by starting a new device payment after completing the current one in full. There are no other processes that would result in a different make/model provided to you. I don't know what you are attaching to your post, but what are you having trouble with on your Galaxy Flip 4? How long have you had it?