Verizon lying and charging me unreasonable restoration fee

Below is the complaint that I will file with NJ department of Consumer affairs against Verizon:

Hello, my name is EC, my email is, my verizon wireless cell (which they have currently disconnected) is xx-2581. 

I have been a loyal customer of Verizon FIOs from 2008-Jan 2011 (when I lived at Caldwell, NJ 07004, and when I moved to my current address  Parsippany, NJ 07054).  I have consistently paid my bills, in fact they refunded my final payment because I overpaid on that account by 80+ dollars, when I canceled my FIOS account in January 2011.

I signed for Verizon wireless in December 2010, when I signed up I also enrolled in the Automatic debit payment plan (which means my bank account is automatically debited every month for the charges due).  Every month my account was automatically debited by Verizon Wireless, and every automatic payment was successful up until 5/25/2011. 

On may 2011, I decided to resign with Verizon FIOS, during the signup process, I was told that I should enroll, where all my Verizon related bills (Verizon wireless, Verizon FIOS) would be automatically consolidated and debited each month.

AT NO POINT in time, did they notify me that I would have to deactivate my Verizon Wireless automatic debit plan and re-enroll in the another automatic debit plan for the consolidated bills.  This is illogical as my automatic debit details are already on record and set up to pay existing bills, why would I suspect that I need to sign up a new automatic re-enrollment plan to pay those again along with the new bills?  They should automatically roll-over and consolidate under my existing automatic debit payment plan which was already in effect and successful for five consecutive months!

Again at no point when I signed to enroll in One Bill (conslidate payment method) by verbal, contractual, online, or email did they inform of the fact that I would need to delete and resign to the SAME automatic debit payment details!

So apparently because FIOS did not use the existing automatic debit payment plan I have on file with Verizon Wireless, they did not charge my account for 2 months and are now blocking both my FIOS access and wireless access.  Because I have no idea they're not automatically debiting my account, I had no idea what's happening until they blocked all my Verizon related access.  I suffered significant finanical damage due to me not being able to access my business critical application due to this Verizon block.  I had no way to contact my work (since they're blocking both my Wireless and my FIOS access.)

I agree to the full amount owed after my most recent automatic debit payment on 5/25 (391$ as of 8/29), but I refuse to pay the 33$ restoration fee (3$ to make instant payment, and 30$ to restore my service.  Since they did not notify me at the time of my enrollment of consolidated bills, that I will have to RE-ENTER my automatic debit payment info when it's already in uss and on file in paying the existing Verizon wireless bills!

I will not pay the principle amount (which I will/can pay in one shot) until an agreement (credit for the 33$ restoration fee) is reached since I do not find that I should be responsible for the restoration fee.  I have perfect payment history for the 3 years I had Verizon FIOS back in 2008-2010, and perfect monthly payment in regards to my Verizon wireless account after enrollment in their automatic payment plan, until after 5/25 which they switched me off and without informing me.

When I explained the situation to Verizon FIOS customer support and the immediate supervisor, they were extremely rude and condescending to me over the phone.  They informed me that they are refusing to issue me credit for the restoration fee.  They initially claimed that they sent me an email informing that I need to re-enter the automatic debit payment information after One-pay consolidation date, this turn to be an infactual lie as I asked them to reproduce the evidence of this email and they were not able to.  Additionally, they claimed that it was indicated in the One-pay contract I agreed to, this again was inaccurate as they cannot reproduce evidence of this.  They claimed that they have called me several times over the FIOS phone land line, I do not even have the FIOS land line connected as it's useless to me since I have Verizon wireless service!

So until I receive the restoration fee credit (33$), I refuse to pay the principle amount of (391$).  I am also notifying them that they will NOT be allowed by NJ law to forward my account to a credit agency and/or make alterations to my credit report.  If Verizon agrees to credit me the applicable restoration fee and have my services restored, I will make an immediate payment for the principle balance owed.  If they do not agree to this, we can dispute this in a court of law in which I will be counter-claiming financial damages to me as they unreasonably shut down my communication medium to the oustide world without sufficient notice.

As personal financial damages, I suffered significantly as I was not able to contact the outside world since Verizon barred my internet and wireless service.  Since caused significant financial damages to my person and my business as I was not able to contact my co-workers and my customers. 

Re: Verizon lying and charging me unreasonable restoration fee
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This requires an agent that can review your account details. 

Please visit: and choose “Live Chat.” If a chat agent is available to assist you, the chat link will become live after the page is fully loaded. 

Re: Verizon lying and charging me unreasonable restoration fee

The chat is absolutely useless. You can spend hours getting nothing done. They are charging me to suspend & restore my internet & router, at least, four times, when it never happened. Fraud on top of fraud!!

Re: Verizon lying and charging me unreasonable restoration fee
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