Verizon nearly lost a customer...
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After more than two years with awesome service, no more than two weeks from my upgrade eligibility date I have major issues with my phone and Verizon refuses to let me upgrade because of my "cash only" status and will remove it if I get a phone I do not want. I was even going to add a line and bring more business. After no luck at the store nor Abby kick with several phone agents there was one agent named Yesenia that went above...beyond and even further to help me but also help Verizon keep business. She is a huge asset to your company and I hope and pray this helps her get some kind of recommendation for her phenomenal service. If it were not for her I my wife and the 5+ lines of service I will need for my new business in February would be going to Sprint.
Re: Verizon nearly lost a customer...
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