Verizon not honoring free installation we were promised

I'm not sure who we have to speak with at this point. We cancelled our services with Optimum because the Verizon sales rep promised us free installation. Well, we got our first bill, and guess what was on it? The installation fee!

We called thinking it would be a quick adjustment. Nope. Spoke to an escalation manager named John in Massachusetts who was impossible to reason with. He just tried to be spiteful and stonewall us in his subtle/passive-aggressive way, so he can get away with treating customers like crap. He wouldn't give us the escalation manager above him, wouldn't talk to the escalation manager above him for us, wouldn't consider honoring what Verizon agreed to, said he has the final say, and since he can substantiate that agreement there's nothing else he can do for us. His attitude really upset my husband which made the call even more unpleasant. It's not our fault your sales rep didn't record whatever they were supposed to!

It's the principal. You offered us something to sign up with you. Verizon should honor it. Not offer us to pay half, or anything else. We're so angry we're thinking of not only cancelling the TV and internet we just signed up for, but also our wireless service which we've had for years with Verizon. It's not right, and a bad way to treat customers who just signed up for new services. 

Re: Verizon not honoring free installation we were promised

Hi jcbs4838,

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