Verizon offers Free Upgrade.

So when Verizon constantly spammed my email almost every other day about " you have earned a free upgrade, blah blah blah" then the upgrade should actually be FREE, as in $0 to upgrade your phone.

So I took them up on the offer and chose to upgrade to one of the newest phones available, knowing I was going to have payments for the phone added to my bill every month.  But what I didn't know was that this "Free upgrade" came with a $35 upgrade fee.

I contacted customer service about this, because this obviously had to be a mistake.  I mean Free is pretty universally known to be $0.  They told me that the upgrade was free, but you have to pay an activation fee, which I thought why since I already have a phone activated.  So I asked them where the free actually came in, and they just kept repeating the scripted answer.

I have been a Verizon customer for 20+ years and after this "free upgrade" contract is up, I will be dropping them.  False advertising and the terrible service is unacceptable.  They used to be so much better.

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Customer Service Rep

Congratulations on your new phone and we're sorry that the upgrade fee might not have been disclosed. An upgrade fee is part of every upgrade and it's not something we usually waive. We hope you enjoy your new device.