Verizon overcharging bills
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I decided to share this story in order to let Verizon customers to know what Verizon does to its customers.  I received an monthly bill this morning and checked the bill breakdown.  While going over the bill charge breakdowns, I discovered the a charge of $23.33 and it says 3 out of 3 FIOS Internet Activation Fee.  I have had service with Verizon over a year (Triple play and two cell phones), and wondered what the charge was for.  I called in the Verizon customer service desk this morning and asked about it.  The customer service representative (name was Michelle) said that was a mistake.  She clearly said that she didn't know how that happened.  I told her that I'll have to extremely be careful with the bills from Verizon from now on to make sure there is no fraud.  Honestly, my feeling was that I was cheated by Verizon due to the fact that they overchagred me and it's up to me to discover their mistake.  What if I didn't have chance to go over my bill this month?  -- I would have paid #23.33 to Verizon and never get that money back.  All Verizon had to say was "Sorry," and really - that was it.  My credibility on Verizon is down at the bottom.  Folks, please carefully go over  your bills every month.  Verizon will try everything they could to get your dollars, at least, that's my gut feeling.