Verizon privately updates my contract and cannot cancel

Verizon privately increased my monthly payment amount. When I checked that I had to pay and I was going to cancel all Verizon services, I received an email saying that I updated the contract (however I did not click any update button). When I and the customer service feedback, they need me to pay 165$ to stop the service, I am very angry now, has anyone had the same experience?

Re: Verizon privately updates my contract and cannot cancel

If you truly did not request an automatic contract extension you must first check Verizon and your original confirmation emails as to the wording. If it does not state automatically renewing for the same term, as contract end I would first contact customer service, then if you get flax from them I would google your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission and they should be able to assist you.

if this contract was done without your consent you could also file charges with your state attorney generals office. Normally they can also go after Verizon.

you can write a certified return receipt letter to Verizon disputing the action and they must respond in writing as to why what was done is valid.

Re: Verizon privately updates my contract and cannot cancel
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Hi Leo12345678,

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