Verizon put a Collections notice on my credit report and refuses to resolve it!!!
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There was a thread on this topic already however Verizon decided to lock it because it was too old even though this issue is still ongoing. This situation needs to be corrected immediately.

I've had my wireless account  open with Verizon at least 15 years and I've never had an issue upgrading phones. Last year I tried to upgrade my phone and noticed a payment plan wasn't an option for me. I figured it was because I still owed a balance on the current phone so I waited till I paid it off. After paying it off I tried again and once again payment option wasn't available. I had a chat with a representative and all they told me was if it wasn't an option at check out then payments weren't available to me. No other explanation was given.

Every so often I'll check my credit to make sure there isn't something there that shouldn't be. To my surprise there was a collection that under description it stated Verizon Wireless. I immediately disputed the account because to my knowledge I do not owe Verizon.

I still have my account with them and its current. Shortly after I received a letter in the mail from Verizon stating that recently I was denied a payment plan due to an account that was closed out unsatisfactory. I immediately called Verizon and I explain to the rep my situation. I told them I never thought of changing Verizon but if they could not resolve this issue I would have no choice. The rep claimed I would be getting a call back and assured that if I didn't hear back the issue had been resolved and I should be able to upgrade after my next billing cycle. I then received an e-mail from the credit agency's stating the dispute results came back the debt was valid and confirmed by the collection agency. I went online and once again tried to order a phone but no payment options were available. To this day I still have not heard back from anyone from Verizon to explain to me what it is that I owe. The collection agency's name on my report has been changed to Verizon Wireless South.

FICO scores affect several aspects of our life, not only when applying for credit. Verizon's actions in this case and all the other cases in the previous thread shows how little regard they have for the very customers that keep them in business. I will attempt one more time to correct this issue. I also plan of filing complaints with the BB as well as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). I suggest anyone else with this issue also contact the FTC. Maybe verizon will take this matter serious once fines from the FTC start coming. I will post updates on my journey in resolving this issue. Please anyone else with this issue comment below.

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