Verizon reported me to the credit agencies and a collections company for bills I did not receive

I cancelled my VZ Fios internet, phone and cable service during the summer since I was going to be travelling and leaving my residence.  I asked the customer service rep if I could pay off the entire balance over the phone and she told me to wait until the next billing cycle so that credits, pro-rated charges, and any equipment return adjustments could be made on a final bill.  Since I was enrolled in email billing and would not have an accessible mailing address for several month, I asked if the final bill could be emailed to me and was assured by Verizon that the email billing would continue.

Several months later when I returned from my travels, I received a collections notice stating that I had past due balance of $174.  I immediately made payment directly to VZ through their website and checked my email account to see if I had received any of the invoices since cancellation.  The only email from VZ was one sent several days after my disconnect which I was told by the customer service rep to disregard since it would not have the final reconciliation of my charges.  No other email invoices were sent after the service cancellation which resulted in the past due balance.  For my other accounts, I received multiple notices via voicemail, text and email for every billing period and don't understand while I was never contacted before sending to collections.  After I made the final payment, I received a notice from my credit monitoring service that Verizon had reported a collections delinquncy to the credit reporting agencies which immediately tanked my credit score and unfortuantely put my mortgage and home purchase this week on hold.

I contacted VZ billing and credit department and spent over 3 hours with numerous people getting passed back and forth while trying to resolve the issue.  I had thought I had made headway on multiple occassions when VZ employees told me that they just needed to get confirmation from billing before the could request the credit removal, but on two occassions I was disconnected and the third was a transfer to wireless billing who said they could not access my FIOS accounts.

I have been a loyal Verizon customer for nearly 20 years and currently have more than a dozen accounts including residential, business and wireless on which I spend nearly $20K per year.  As someone who formerly worked for Verizon and Bell Atlantic, I must admit that I am extremely disappointed with the level of customer service to a long time high spend customer.  I am even more frustrated that a small balance due which I was never made aware of, may end up costing me and my family our home purchase.  It is one thing to reward customer loyalty, it is another to take what appears to be punitive action over an account cancellation.  When the last Verizon rep I spoke to scolded me for not checking their website for the invoices that were suppose to be emailed to me, I wanted to immediately cancel all of my Verizon contracts, but I am hoping that they will do the right thing and help me resolve the problem so that I can purchase a new house and maybe have FIOS installed.

Re: Verizon reported me to the credit agencies and a collections company for bills I did not receive

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.