Verizon ruined credit score overseas military
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We are a military family that got notice in 2017 that we would be moving overseas. We suspended our account with Verizon to resume when we returned to America. Since 2017, we have stayed overseas. The account was reactivated in 2020 with no notice to us because we were not at our previous address nor did we have our previous phone numbers. Verizon then sent this account to collections. We paid the balance as soon as we were notified that we owed. We were not avoiding payment, WE HAD NO NOTICE OF IT UNTIL COLLECTION AGENCIES GOT IN TOUCH! Now we have tried to call Verizon “recovery” to see if they can take the collections off our credit report but kept getting the same “Verizon can’t do that.” How is it that Verizon can’t do that, but when my gym was sending bills to an old address and that was sent to collections they could take that off my credit report because they understood it was a misunderstanding? What is our course of action here? Credit bureau reports against Verizon? We’ve tried to plead our case and we’re met with cold, condescending, uncaring agents. The customer service representatives that referred us to the recovery team were WONDERFUL, the recovery team is beyond rude and unhelpful. I’m so disappointed that Verizon has no care for people whose credit is ruined over a MISUNDERSTANDING. If we were trying to avoid paying you, we wouldn’t have paid the balance in full as soon as we got actual notice of it. 

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