Verizon ruined my credit report by record which is not even mine!

I got a collection with unpaid debt ($56 dollars) added to my credit reports for an account which is no longer belongs to me. The mistake by a Verizon worker on December 11  destroyed my credit history- it dropped by 100 points.

I’ve requested to separate a phone number and device my account(and my SSN) to my ex-husband – account(and his SSN).

So Verizon worker made it incorrectly  -  as I learned later during the investigation, Verizon put his number and device under a different account which still was under my name and SSN. Based on this, these $ 56 dollars are prorated amounts for some December days which they put under my name and never sent me a bill for it( I enrolled to paperless billing and into auto-pay since I started to be a Verizon customer).

 So no bill, no related info, and Verizon reported about this account as opened on December 11, 2021 and closed at April 27,2022 with the unpaid debt of $56 dollars – but this account didn’t even belong to me at this timeframe. Basically, Verizon reported the account which did not belong to me to all credit bureaus.

I’ve spent a lot of personal time and got a lot of emotional damage trying to speak with customer support, who just transferred me from one worker to another. But finally, a couple of people from customer support were helpful and they made an investigation and they confirmed the mistake made by their worker on December 11. They agreed to pay back this amount of money to this collection account(which is not belong to me). I also requested Verizon to send an explanation to all credit bureaus with a description of this situation to have these records removed from all my credit reports(like it never happen) – I have never received any confirmation about it, despite I called and asked about it few times.

During one of the last calls, a customer support representative told me what credit was applied to my active different account- but not the collection account which was totally incorrect from their side as well.

They gave me the advice to pay for this collected amount to force the process of removing the collections record and I did it.

So currently it seems like nobody from Verizon did diligence to fix this huge mistake from December 11 because when I  sent all this information above to the TransUnion bureau, they reviewed it and remarked this closed account as “Payment after charge off/collection Account information disputed by the consumer, meets FCRA requirements” which is not what I requested and this is incorrect because the account is not mine anymore and was not mine for this reported timeframe.

All of this costs me a lot of time and brought a lot of stress and emotional damage so I asked Verizon to revoke the reporting of this account to all credit bureaus and send me confirmation mail to my address within 30 days.

I sent 4 letters to different Verizon branches including their Collections(or recovery ) departments in the middle of July using the mail and I received the confirmation letters with the names of Verizon representatives who received these letters.

Any ideas on how I can push this situation and have Verizon remove this record which is not even mine from my credit report? 

Re: Verizon ruined my credit report by record which is not even mine!

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