Verizon's Misleading and Cryptic Letters Causes Customer Concern
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Today, I received the following letter from Verizon FIOS....

"Thank you for your recent order of March 7, 2013.  Our records show that one of the services selected in your original bundle order was unable to complete or has been removed""  As a courtesy, we have adjusted your remaining service.  Please do not hesitate to call our customer service support center at 1-8000-VERIZON) if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your order!  Sincerely, Verizon"

Well, since I placed no orders on March 7, this caused some concern.  Was someone "tampering" with my services?  Who could that be?  And what services are they referring to?  What exactly is being "adjusted"? 

One would think these little details would be included in the letter, but no.  Now it was up to me, the paying customer to figure out what the heck this letter was about.

So, I had to take time out to call customer service.  It was the representatives best guess that this had to do with "one bill" which was something ordered in a bundle by me some 90 days ago.  Not March 7, 2013, but months ago.  Of course he wasn't sure, just guessing.   When asked why I could not be given one-bill, the customer service rep seemed to be at a loss.

When asked whether it was reasonable for Verizon to write a letter such as this, with NO DETAILs, I was told "that's a matter of opinion".

Want a new idea Verizon?  How about this.....Simply tell the customer in the letter the specific service that cannot be given and WHY.   Also, do not say the customer "ordered" a service on a specific date when you really mean, the customer ordered it months before but Verizon is just now getting around to dealing with it. 

Oh, here's another idea.  If you decided after review that you no long want to make good on that $10 dollar discount you offered customers if the got one-bill, just say so.  Sometimes honesty is the best policy.  We know you are a greedy corporation with a poorly trained customer service staff.  At least don't scare us with cryptic letters.  Some of us are actually paying attention.

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Re: Verizon's Misleading and Cryptic Letters Causes Customer Concern

I also just got this message. It is making me rather nervous, especially now that I've heard that someone has called support, and support doesn't even know what it means... (not that that surprises me, as when I got service, I ended up having to take a whole day off work to repeatedly call support and get redirected to disconnection, or be told someone would call me back and then nobody called me back, all day until I finally got someone who knew what they were doing and could fix the issue, which was totally the fault of verizon having messed everything up on my order on their end... But that was a few months ago, and I certainly haven't ordered anything else since then.)

Did you ever manage to figure out what the cryptic letter meant, and was it anything you had to fix?

Re: Verizon's Misleading and Cryptic Letters Causes Customer Concern
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Since we haven't heard back from you as requested in your private support case, it appears you no longer need assistance. Please make a new post anytime you need our assistance.