Verizon's Policy re Early Termination Fees

I recently moved from Maryland, where I had Verizon bundled TV/Internet/Phone service to Omaha, Nebraska where Verizon bundled services are not represented.  I finally terminated all services with the exception of Verizon Wireless and retention of my Verizon email/domain name on 20 May 2014.  At the conclusion of the call to the Verizon rep, he said he would try  to waive the early termination fee, but was not successful even at the suggestion of escalation to his supervisor which he claimed was also unable to waive the early termination fee of $220.  While it is recognized that there are legitimate reasons to apply the early termination fee, a permanent change of station from a Verizon state to a non-Verizon state should count as a prima facie case for a waiver, amongst other compelling reasons.  Thus I will attempt to escalate this issue to corporate headquarters simply out of fairness and equity since lower echelon Verizon reps apparently tried and failed.