Verizon will not send final bill for payoff from T-Mobile
I switched over to T-Mobile (solely due to constant customer service issues with Verizon for many years) several months ago. When my account was switched over I was immediately locked out of my Verizon online account which is the only way I can access my bill. I have been calling Verizon repeatedly, for months on end, requesting the final bill so that T-Mobile can pay it and I have gotten nowhere. I NEED a full final bill (not just a statement) for the final bill to be paid. I have been given the run around, told to go in store for the bill (they refuse to print it), told the bill is sent out again and I'll receive it (all I get are statements) and now I'm sent to collections because Verizon is refusing to give me the final bill?! This is absolutely absurd. ALL I need is that final bill (again, not a statement) and T-Mobile will immediately pay it. They've been waiting to do so for months. How can this get resolved? Someone please help!
Re: Verizon will not send final bill for payoff from T-Mobile

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