Verizon wireless

New customer to Verizon Wireless

set u acct on Nov 14 on 800 line

Sim card did not work. Went to Verizon store on Willow Grove Mall. Three hours spent with supervisor and a new account was set up.  Since I wanted a prepaid acct I was charged $77.50 for each setup

Neither accounts worked I called again and spoke to a Nina Coke in Florida who was great and got both my husband and my accounts working

To date I have spent 11 hours contacting the 800 line with issues

I found that I was put on hold and then disconnected  very frustrating

I need to have the two $77.50 amounts which were withdrawn from my Visa account in November credited back to me since those setups did not work

my experience with Verizon wireless 800 line has been a nightmare. 

iIf no resolution I am going to State Better Business and canceling my service with Verizon and going back to my prior provider

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