Verizon won't renew discounts they used to renew my contract. They have no honor.

In April when my contract was expiring, I contacted Verizon seeking to keep my montly bill in line with what I had been paying.  After several calls, customer service finally dug up a couple of discounts which kept the billing in line.  I was told that when the discounts ended in August,  I should contact Verizon again and new discounts would be applied.  The first customer agent indicated that she would dig in, find discounts and call me back in a few days.  After almost two weeks and no return call so I called again.  This agent indicated no discounts were available to apply to my account but I will be notified should a discount become available.

It amazes me that numerous discounts were available when it was renewal time but not several months later.  My Verizon bill is now higher than my car payment and that really doesn't make sense.