Very Bad experience with Verison consumer service.

Over the past month I have called Verison twice and engage in long chat with Verison this past Saturday concerning my account with them.  I am 68 years old and I don't recall my account number with Verizon. The only information I had was the last 3 numbers of the account.  I subscribe to Verison Fios for both internet and TV.  Unfortunately for me about 3 weeks ago my computer was hacked and lost all access for one day for everything.  As a result I had to open a new checking and saving accounts with my bank and have a computer tech work several hours to restore and clean my computer and contact gmail to create a new secure email address.  This two things cost me $442.00  When I spoke with Verizon about this they say they need my account number.  They told me that I need to supply both my old email address and phone number so that they could send me a pin.  Both are lost forever. Unfortunately for me, they got all security conscience.    I told them that I have lost both the previous email address and phone number so I had no access to get a new pin.  I called  twice over the last month and engage in a very lenghty chat with 3 representatives on Saturday who said that I since I don't my account number.  They were unable to help me out.  I have automatic payment with them from my checking account.  I will call my bank to stop payment with Verizon.  If owed any further money they will need to mail me a bill in the regular mail.  I have gotten tired of this so I will get TV and internet with other providers.  I will ask my bank not to pay the bill with Verizon anymore.   Quite frankly, this is a terrible experience and I have another choice but to take my business elsewhere. 

Re: Very Bad experience with Verison consumer service.
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Hi Bookwurm,

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