Very Poor Customer Service

I am disappointed in Verizon as a company. This is just unbelievable as to how they treat their customers. I called at 4 times now in the past 3 weeks regarding my services. I called to cancel my service 5 days prior to my cycle ending, thinking by the time my new bill is processed, there will not be any problems. Cycle starts the 4th and ends on the 3rd each month.

I have wireless service as well, and one bill that is automatic billing.

First call (June 28), the agent states because it was saturday, the phone cannot be ported out until Monday, requested by my new company Comcast, but would be backdated to show that it was cancelled on the June 28. The bill is paid in advance, I was not expecting a new bill, but a credit of the 5 days I did not use the service after June 28. This makes perfect sense right, until I called the second time.

Second call (July 3), I called back because I did not receive an email of cancellation or what I need to do to send the equipment back. This is where it starts to get interesting. The agent tells me the previous agent makes a mistake and gave me wrong information, that they could not backdate to June 28 so I was going to be charged for the days EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT USE THEIR SERVICE. As anyone I got upset, so I told the agent that the previous agent told me this, but her response was that it was not their error and the other company (Comcast) should have requested this earlier. I had to repeat over 10 times, YOUR AGENT TOLD ME THIS AND THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OTHER COMPANY, but no, this agent was not letting up, I asked her, WHAT DOES YOUR AGENT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS OTHER COMPANY, THAT AGENT WORKS FOR VERIZON, NOT THE OTHER COMPANY.

I requested the manager because this was not going anywhere, Verizon was not owning up the fact one of their agents told me misinformation.

The manager was the same way, blaming the other company for something a Verizon agent told me. Completely missing the point. 

So, finally, they agreed to backdate to the 28th, still waiting to see what the final outcome will be. I also requested that Verizon pull my first phone call and to file a complaint against that agent and that I would be getting a call about it. The manager agreed and we hung up.

Third call (Received a bill and by now the equipment has been sent back but yet to be received by Verizon), I finally got a bill from Verizon and surprise surprise, guess what, the bill is incorrect. The bill has a double play charged to it without the phone. So, I was mad again, when I got this agent, ({edited for privacy}from Philadelphia, she couldn't tell me an employee number), I tell her the situation. She recommends that I don't pay the FIOS charges, only wireless, and she will put that in her notes, and it will be fine. Since I had an autopay set up and a one bill set up, she said she will put a request to only have the wireless amount withdrawn from the bank account. That works out because I don't want to send Verizon the money for them to send it right back. She took care of that, and I asked her for her information as a reference, we hung up.

Call Four, (7/19/2014), I called to see what is going on with the request and if it was approved. When I got the billing department, they tell me that the request is not even an option for them to do and that if I wanted that request, I had to completely cancel autopay and just pay for the wireless services but that option was too late now because it is within 7 days until the autopay is withdrawn, so now I just have to wait and see what happens. Just ridiculous. We hung up, I had enough for one day of going back and forth.

So hopefully, this option works too, I know that my employer watches for these types of complaints, also on facebook and social media.