Very Sour Customer Rep response

Today, was a mixed bag -- frustrated for 4 months over simple matter concerning my 97 year old father -- nearly deaf and obviously not on-line savvy. For 3 appts, my sister took time off only to be stood up at house; technician finally able to install weuqipment for digitzing voice calls to text so Dad could read ("captioning system" -- offered by FAA and fabulous for hard-of-hearing peope!). Tech promised his supervisor approved a credit for the house call because of the many inconveniences and lost work time.

But each subsequent month, the bill reflected the charge, and each time I spent 30-60" to get to someone who assure me it would be credited back/removed. NOT. On call #1, I had fabulous person (I thought) who "verified" me with Dad (long process/hearing) so I would be able to deal with matters myself next time. [Note: She also said she would document Dad's profile for his horrible hearing, and that my cell would be the primary contact for "problems"] NOT! I had to be reverified as authorized on the account every time.The billing snafu continued for 4 months. Dad was billed a $5 "late fee" each month.

Today, I received a cutoff notice email -- no previous warning that the account was overdue, and no real concern that the 97 year old guy with only a landline to connect to help, emergency care, or family was about to be disconnected from the world.

It took 3 people and and 6 calls (3 times could not get past automated service loop) to get anywhere, and I learned the credit had finally been processed, but that my father had become so confused, he had failed to pay his last two months of regular service (1/3 of the bill is "fees and taxes" -- disgusting!!). B/C service was apparently clipped, and not wanting to pay another late fee or extra fee for charging the bill over the phone (why is this??), I was forced to create an on-line account and paid the entire bill myself. I then called back, got "Marvin" and requested if they might forgive some or all of the 5 monthly late fees (3 of VZ's own doing!!) because of the circumstances and Dad's confusion. Long hold. "No!" Marvin was pretty terse and short with me -- in no way was I angry or rude to him -- until his final answer, when I said I would be looking for new phone service myself. His rationale was "No way b/c they had already given [Dad] a big credit..." What a crock! The credit was offered by VZ service guy/supervisors, and due to standing up my sister/Dad, and then they failed to document same in the records. Marvin said "We gave you that credit even though there was no documentation" -- as if we could/should have gone into the system the day of the promise and documented it?? 

So, a 97 yr old great guy, who has been a Ma Bell, then VZ, customer his entire working life -- 70 years at the same address -- was blown off curtly. Sorry, Marvin, you will not receive the "Most Excellent Customer Service Rep" this year. Change your tone. Be nicer. Find some charity in your heart. 

These frustrations are why so many customers no longer have any loyalty to companies which mistreat them. I will be switching my service on the very next opp and pursue cost over brand. You guys need some lessons: try LL Bean or Fidelity Investments to learn how it should be done! 

SY/LJ  [You know how to find me -- just look for a cell in 617 area code which had to make 6 calls to VZ today and you can reach out to me with an apology if you care...] 

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