Very Unhappy with Verizon Service

I have always loved verizon fios, I have had verizon wireless for a very long time. I had to cancel my verizon fios a few months ago because I was moving, and the location didn't provide verizon. So I called and cancelled and a couple days later I went to return ALL boxes etc. About a month later I get a outstanding bill of $800.00 from verizon fios. Claiming that I did not return my equipment. I call and speak to SEVERAL Different people and none helped me. All they told me was that they see in the system that I owe $800.00 for the non returned equipment, and that there is no proof besides the recepit they gave me at verizon fios in Happuage that I returned it. I told them I returned it a month ago and I misplaced the recepit, there should be a way to look up this. No help all they did was transfer me to collection because that is were it ended up so quickly. I even called the verizon fios in Happuage NY a location near me. I explained to the women over the phone my situation, and she said there is nothing that she can do to help me. Finally ONE women over the verizon customer service actually felt bad for me and put in a case number for me, and said she'd call me back when she heard from them the next week. And she heard from them and they were able to locate the equipment that I returned. I am so unsatisfied with verizon fios for charging me this outstanding balance and having it go into collection. Meanwhile I returned all of the equipment. And out of all the people I spoke to only one person actually helped me. I have verizon wireless and now I'm thinking about cancelling that too. Because of how poorly I was treated.