Very unhappy with my Verizon Service!

Back in March I was confronted in a Walmart store by a Verizon employee trying to get me to change my cabel, internet, and phone service.  He spoke of all the greatness that Verizon would provide for me and my family.  I was told with a smart TV's I wouldn't need boxes to watch cable TV- LIE #1, I was told Verizon would pay out my contract with my current cable company LIE #2, and I was told my service would provide better quality at a cheaper price LIE #4!  We have smart TV's but still needed boxes to view cabel, my contract was never paid put, Verizon just credited my account; I would have rathered them pay my contract as stated, and my bill is just as high and service is shotty- the internet goes out and the cabel breaks up and stalls sometimes, things that never happened with Comcast.  I also just learned there is a fee added to my bill everytime I call to speak with an agent, so not only are they charging me an arm and a leg for service but to just to speak to a representative costs me $7.  So I say all this to save anyone who is thinking about changing their cabel service or sees that Verizon seller in their local Walmart... you should run and never use Verizon for cabel, internet, or phone.  I am so unhappy and if it wasn't for this contract I would tell them to come get their boxes and go right back to my other cable service, they may have been expensive, but they never lied to me or misled me like Verizon did.  The should be ashamed of how they treat their customers!!!

Re: Very unhappy with my Verizon Service!
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Hi MOvh82,

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