Verzizon nightmare
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So, after several days on chat with a Verizon rep, and 2 days travelling to the Verizon store, I was told my estimated new bill would be $150+.  Well, my bill is now $177+.  Yes, I did ask several times if the new amount included taxes etc.  I am a very long standing customer and have verizon wireless.  I let the bill go the first time because I was told the  first bill would be different due to it being a half month, etc.  With all the offers I am getting from Comcast, it seems that Verizon could very well do better with their pricing.  Now I am back to spending days with a chat rep to get this bill where I thought it would be.  Comcast is looking better and better.  I am disgusted with Verizon and their pricing, and their deceit.  I would never have agreed to the monthly amount I am now paying.  Watch out all, the amount quoted is not always what you get.

Re: Verzizon nightmare

See if this help site which is real Verizon personal assisting can help you.

If you don’t get what was promised you can always back out. The first bill is usually prorated like you experienced. (Funny how there is always a pro rata no matter what day you sign up) 

However after that first one it should be as was quoted to you and as in the confirmation email they sent you and that cute video on how much your bill will be.