Victim of the Verizon scheme, overbilling and poor service to no resolve
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It is with extreme disappointment and outrage that I write this letter regarding the service that has been provided by Verizon. 

Month after month, the bill is inconsistent and incorrect. In an attempt to get the matter resolved, I spend hours at a time speaking with various representatives, sometimes reaching a resolution but most times ending the call in frustration and no resolution.

 This letter is in regards to my Verizon FiOs account, specifically. I spoke with a representative on August 31, 2017 and expressed dissatisfaction with the service and the customer service.   also changed to service plan to a more economical plan. After hours on the phone, we worked out a new service plan to a more economical plan, including a monthly loyalty credit and a reduction in the entertainment package. 

Also when the service changes were made in August, the account at the time was closed and a new account was opened. All of this happened unbeknownst to me, as I continued to pay the bill to the account number I had.   In November, I started receiving past due messages when turning on the tv as well as via telephone.  After verifying with the bank that the account was indeed paid timely, I again called Verizon on November 10, 2017 and spoke with Courtney in Financial Service and Christine in Billing. It was only after weeks of “looking into it”, was I notified that there was a new account opened in my name and that the payments would be transferred. However even after the “transfers”, the account was still showing a balance due.  I've requested an detailed statement of both accounts, and still have not received it. 

It was also explained during this call that the service plan offered to me in August was not the pricing stated to me at the time, specifically the loyal customer service discount of $15/mo for 12 mos was never added to the account.  After not receiving the promised "return call" on the matter, I called about the billing issue again.

 On December 11, 2017 at 10:32am, I called again and spoke with a rep named Stephen, about the bill to determine why the credit has not been issued. Again, they claim they have no record. After hours on the phone bouncing from agent to agent, a supervisor takes over and tells me that the credit will be added starting in December and 12 mos going forward. I respond by asking what about the three months that I have missed so far, he says there’s nothing they can do. They can’t “go backwards to issue credits”. Apparently it can’t issued forward either, because I didn’t receive the credit in January.

It is now late January almost early February, and my bill is STILL not correct. The service has been reduced but instead the monthly payment has increased. This is totally inexcusable, unacceptable, and illogical!!!!  Enough is enough. I demand that the proper action be taken on this account. Specifically, proper action is as follows:

  • Provide the promised service at the amount promised in August.
  • Remove all late charges from August until now, as the matter has been in dispute.
  • Issue credit for all of the months that the loyalty has not been applied since September.

One more issue worth noting is that the entertainment service in general is poor. There are a number of channels that display a message from Verizon stating that they are no longer providing the station for contract reasons. It is completely illogical that Verizon can charge the same amount or more for less channels. Also, the picture quality is low-grade. The picture is cut-off on three of our television sets. In 2016, two technicians made home visits only to tell us there isn’t anything they could do to fix the problem.   Yet another example of Verizon's inability to provide quality service. 

It is absolutely ridiculous that a company the size of Verizon does not hire competent employees that can resolve simple matters and customers have to go through such obstacles or put up with substandard performance.  I am a consumer, not a Verizon employee, therefore I should never have to spend two or more hours on the phone with representatives to resolve a problem that Verizon created.

In closing, I am not asking for anything more that I am entitled to and pay for each month. My request is reasonable and needs resolution as soon as possible.  

Re: Victim of the Verizon scheme, overbilling and poor service to no resolve
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.