Waiting over 2 months for gift card refund

I purchased an item with a gift card in September and returned it. It's been nearly 3 months now and I've yet to receive the refund to my gift card. I've spoken with several reps who keep telling me it will be addressed in 48 hours, or 3-5 business days, but my balance remains 0 and the next time I contact Verizon they still seem unable to tell me why I haven't got a refund. I'd never recommend shopping from Verizon with a gift card. Is someone with Verizon able to actually resolve this?

Re: Waiting over 2 months for gift card refund
Customer Service Rep

Thanks for reaching out with your concerns. I understand where you are coming from, and know that it's important that you get this resolved. I'm happy to check things out for you. Please, respond via Private Note, so we can get started.