Waived Installation Fee

Verizon Fios recently just arrived in my building. They sent representatives to the building to sign up residents. I was unable to see them due to the hours they were there. So I called and set up service myself. During the call the representative ran my credit and then told me there was an added fee of $99.99 for instillation. When I question him about it he said the best bet was to continue with the purchase, so my credit would get dinged again. I contacted the representative that left the flyers in my building about waiving the fee and he said there was nothing he could do. I'm trying to cancel my setup because with the install fee, I will be paying the same amount I'm paying now with cable. I have tried online chat, no help, emailing the representative in my area, no help. Called, no help. Looks like if I can just cancel and resign up online I can have the fee waived.

Re: Waived Installation Fee

The problem here is even if you set up service online the waived fee might not be available. And it may lock you out of ordering again since you are scheduled for service. Yes the automated credit check would happen again. But it is minimal to impact your credit score. Over 6-7 inquiries does hurt.

additionally if you have service set up you may be in a contract. If you cancel and sign up again you may have to pay that early termination fee. But good news is you can cancel up to 30 days with no penalty under their customer satisfaction guarantee.

chatting and phoning will never get you a good deal.