Warning about new service while moving

I will be moving shortly to an area that has Verizon Fios available. I wanted to make sure I would be up and running as quick as possible. I discussed my concern about signing up for Fios before actually moving into my new location, but was informed by the Chat specialist that that would be of no issue. After signing up I immediately noticed in the email that the hardware was going to be sent out before the date of installation and that I would receive a shipping notification. I called and spoke with a phone representative about changing my delivery address to my current billing address. I attempted to give him the address, but he informed me that that is the one already set up for delivery. I asked again to be more clear and for confirmation that my billing address would be where the hardware would be sent to. Again the representative confirmed that all hardware is sent to the billing addresses and not the actual location of installation.

As its getting close to my move in date I checked my account status and found that not only have I not received the shiptment notification, but the order was sent out and delivered to the location of installation that I currently do not live in or own for another week.

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The equipment is sent to the service address. I have never seen it sent anywhere else.