Weird Sales Tax Charges

I received my March bill which contains the following sales tax line items which were not on any previous bills:

TX State Sales Tax
Houston City Sales Tax
Houston MTA Tax

I had previously purchased a new phone through Verizon in the previous month and had a trade-in.  The new net monthly price of the new phone is $8.33.  Verizon collected the sales tax in full for the phone and installation fee on the February bill; the same month that I purchased the phone.  The total for the extra tax items  is $1.76, which is the tax on a sale of $21.33.  No one at Verizon support can tell me what they are collecting the $1.76 for.  If they are collecting on the monthly price of the phone, then they are double charging me for the tax. Does anyone at Verizon have an answer for this?



Re: Weird Sales Tax Charges
Customer Service Rep

It's important to have all the details about the charges on your bill. I'm sorry to learn about any confusion, and I can help you. To begin,p please send us a Private Note, and we can continue. Thank you!