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What Is Three Way Calling?
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Every month when I open my Verizon Bill I find that I have been charged $4.65 (plus tax) for some thing called Three Way Calling.

Every month I call Verizon CS and ask what 3 way calling is and why am I being charged for a service that I did not request.

Every month, CS states that they "have removed the charge".

On the next month the charge reappears......last month CS told me that they would have to have a Supervisor remove the charge...can't wait to see my next bill.....I am beginning to appreciate why so many folks are disconnecting landline and using only wireless.

Re: What Is Three Way Calling?

yep they are doing this to me- oddly I did not have this problem till they FORCED me from copper to FIOS. But the worst part is every time I hang up on an automated system my phone rings! They wasted hours of my time and I had a worker come out to tell me all worked fine. I then handed him the printout of people with similar problem on verizon and THEN he mentions the 3-way calling- sure enough every month I am getting charged for each use of this! One month it was 2.25. And at least once at .75 all the other months. I called before 12 pm today thinking it was a good time and low and behold I get connected right away both times to tech support!(I was trying to get customer support and not tech support since I knew there was nothing tech support could do and I made it clear to the stupid automated system I wanted customer support. Last person acted as if they could help me(which is almost always the case), so I wasted my time (which is 99.99% the case) explaining all then they said it could not be removed since I didn't have it as a feature and I would have to talk to customer support about removing from my bill. I said oh then I will have to wait an hour for them I suppose as I do every call and he said no that won't be the case. Low and behold he was right since I got a message right away they were too busy and to call back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT?????????????????????????????   Really ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Re: What Is Three Way Calling?
Community Manager
Community Manager

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