What causes my monthly Verizon Communications bill to be so high

Verizon- I am still waiting to be contacted regarding my phone call to your company on Thursday 4/17...or a reply from my letter to your CEO, Mr. McAdam over a week ago...

I am 79-year-old semi-retiree, living on little more than my social security benefit...My monthly Verizon bill has been running over $250...I think this is much too high, considering that I only have (1) a computer, which is essentially my lifeline; I use it daily for browsing the innternet,email and Netflix.(2) I also have a cell phone, which I may or may not use daily...I'd estimate that I average 2 or 3 short calls a day..(3).I also have a Kindle Fire XD, which I seldom use...other than these items, (4) I have a land line {edited for privacy} that I almost never use.

My computer is always on, whether I am on-line or not...besides a Vizio router (for Netflix access), I have a Trendnet router connected to my computer, but have not used it yet.

I do not understand how these items and the usage they are confined to is generating a monthly bill of this magnitude...I would rather redirect some of this exhorbitant charge to the purchase of food.

{edited for privacy}

Re: What causes my monthly Verizon Communications bill to be so high
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Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking mostly to other customers here.

These forums are open to the world at large, so the Verizon moderators will edit posts to remove personally identifying information.  That appears to have happened here.

It sounds like you need to revisit your bundle of services from Verizon.  If you want answers from Verizon, you'll need to call or chat with them.  Their phone number is 800-VERIZON.  I find that I get the most helpful reps when I call during business hours.

If you want suggestions from other customers as to what services and bundles makes sense for you, post a little more detail about the services you have today.  If you can list the major categories on your bill, some of us might be able to make suggestions.  Be sure you DO NOT include account numbers or other personal information.  Remember that you're talking to other customers here and we only know what you tell us.

Good Luck.