What is this bill sent to my home with a name similar to my name
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I have been receiving paper statement from Verizon, account number {edited for privacy} under name that's similar to my name (and with. my right address).  The amount of the bill goes up to 7029.65 and is past due.  I don't have Verizon account and I don't have any plan under Verizon.  I don't want to receive paper statements like this anymore.

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Hi! Having unauthorized charges being sent to your home can be very frustrating. I’ve been in the same position, so I know how this feels. Being that you dont have an account with Verizon, this would be considered Fraud. We are 100% against fraudulent activity and we would love to take a look into it. To begin, we would need you to call into our Fraud Prevention Team. The number is as follows, 888.483.7200. They will be able to give you more information on the status of this account, and they will be aboe to investigate it for fraud. Was this information useful? *Latecia