What is wrong with this company??
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There are a few good representatives with Verizon residential but for the most part, these people don't know how and don't take the initiative to solve customer problems! I've been calling them since May 1 to solve multiple problems. First, they couldn't find my equipment I returned from my old address even though I used their labels. They charged my account $2500.00 for a month until a very conscientious customer service rep was able to track down the equipment. I spoke with him every week in June 2014 because he called me back each week to update me. After that I went without service for a week with technicians coming 4 different times, no one could fix the problem until they called the Verizon Genius (apparently there's only one). I've never received my $400 gift card as promised for transferring my service to my new house. In addition, my old account from my old address still shows up in my online account. My payments were being credited to my old address account so I was given late notices and had to pay two bills to keep my service. No one can figure out how to merge the two accounts. I finally received a credit for the payments made to the closed/transferred account. Today, 4 months later I still don't have the gift card and I cannot see my current bill online so I can't go paper free and use the bill pay feature through my bank. I was just told that my Bundled services discount now negates the Verizon gift card I was promised because no one made a note on my account. Isn't that like the fox watching the hen house?? What a deal for Verizon: Make promises, don't make notes, don't pay out on promises. In addition, I've filled out a trouble ticket with Tech services on at least 3 occasions to fix the online account but my online account still shows the old information. Is it no wonder, when the questions for the trouble ticket include asking me what browser I use, as if that's the problem. No one in this company knows everything. Everyone has one little piece of the process so there's NO ONE who can fix an unusual problem. I've got notes for 4 different dates on which I've been transferred around the system, sometimes to 6 different departments. And yet my problems remain. What a beating!!

Re: What is wrong with this company??
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Sounds like you got new service when you moved as apposed to moving your current service to a new address. When you get new service,  you get a new account number. This also mean you should have activated service at the new address. You would have created a new username and password. Are you logging in with new username and password? Did tech support move your old username to the new account? The username is tied to the account number. Unless you did one of those two things, you will always be looking at the old account when you log in and pay the wrong bill if you do it online.

I think you only get the gift card if you pay your first three bills on time. You might have a problem with that since you were paying on old account.