What should I know or do if not going to renew?
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So if I was to decide to not renew my contract which expires in about 10 days what do I need to do? Not do? Suggestions to make it go smoothly so I don't have to deal with CS? I have a message on my main account page saying "renew" or "lock in discount rate" or some other stuff but I do not see anywhere giving the option to not renew. So one of my questions is if I just let it lapse will it auto renew or will it terminate? What about equipment? I read all the horror stories. Any way to avoid those nightmares?

Re: What should I know or do if not going to renew?
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You are talking to peers here.

From my own experience when I closed my NY account when I decided to sell that house, WAIT until the last day you want service.  Then call the 1-800-Verizon during the day since you need to make sure you reach the right department.

As an example of what can go wrong. 

  • If you call them early and say you want to cancel as of some future date, some or all your service may be mistakenly turned off.  This happened to me and there are other reports of this. 
  • Make sure you pull any bills, etc, before you call.  Sometimes you will have no trouble accessing these afterwards and sometime you will lose all access to your account info.
  • If possible turn in any equipment at a Verizon Store.  Note in most cases you cannot use a Verizon Wireless store.  Absolutely make sure you get a receipt.
  • If you have to ship, make sure you get the boxes and Authorized return from Verizon..  Note UPS has stopped just accepting boxes without a AUTHORIZED RETURN.  Then make sure you save receipts from the Shipper (Normally UPS).  Make sure you keep anything they didn't ask for.  Normally they don't want remotes, and cables.  Sometimes they want you to return routers and sometimes they don't.
  • Make sure you pay bills, and keep checking to make sure additional bills don't show up after you think you have paid everything.  Don't hesitate to question any charges, Mine they screwed up because They had to open a new account after they screwed up and closed mine early.  Because no new equipment was used when they opened this new account I obviously only had one set of equipment to return, but they expected another set. 
  • Expect delays before any amount they return any money they owe you.  Three months delay is normal.