Where can I file a complaint? Horrible supervisor in tech support!

I wasted 2 hours of my time talking to tech support about a problem with call blocking.  The first person eventually told me it was not available in my area.  He was wrong- I asked to speak to a supervisor who just repeated what the first person said. I asked her if she looked into it and she admitted she just repeated the information that the first person gave to her.  She refused to verify or even look into it.  She sounded like she couldn't be bothered and that I was wasting her time.  As a supervisor I expect her to actually act like she wants to solve the problem- but she didn't even bother to try to solve the problem.  She is a horrible supervisor and someone needs to know what a terrible job she did wasting my time when it took 5 minutes to solve the problem the next day with a competent customer service representative.  She does not deserve the title of supervisor.  

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They all act like that..... ‎
Please see my post, they won't allow me to post it BUT similar issues...... Their customer service is a mess! You can't really make a formal complaint, they just past the bucket around the circle and put it off on the consumer. Try this as a contact link: http://about.verizon.com/leadership/corporate-executives/