Where is my credit for returned phone
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I was issued a return label to ship back a iPhone 12 that was having issues keeping a charge. After trying to work with the phone as it being my sisters only source of communication with no back up. She eventually had to switch to a more reliable device. After explaining the situation to customer care they sent a return label. 20 days later I still was not credited for the phone. I spoke to someone who offered trade in value… I’m not making a trade… it’s your device and I didn’t receive a new one… please fix my bill

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Re: Where is my credit for returned phone
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Good morning, Bgray3. You mention that the phone in question was your sister's only source of communication. Is the account in your name or on your sister's name?


You indicated that you shipped the phone back to us. Did you send it within the 30-day return period?https://www.verizon.com/support/return-policy/