Whooppee - I saved $5/mo on my FIOS renewal
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Strange business for sure - but this is what happened:

I don't use Verizon email but I do check it from time to time.  So today I did that and there was a month-old email titled "Important information abotu your FIOS service."  It said my contract had expired and that I would be paying "higher rates" unless I renewed and took advantage of one of their "special offers."

So I logged on to my Verizon account (which I don't do very often) and found that my new monthly charge would be $145/mo.  I had been paying $130/mo.  So I looked at the "My Services" page and found out that I could renew my 2-year agreement and claim a $20/mo renewal incentive for each of the 24 months.

Interestingly enough, there were other incentives available: $10/mo, HBO, and a $120 Visa card.  Why they woudl offer both a $10/mo and $20/mo incentive is baffling to me.

Needless to say I picked the $20/mo incentive, so my net is now $145 - $20 = $125/mo which is $5 less than I had been paying.

Can you believe it?  Of course all this can't be verified until I get my next bill.  But it looks good so far.

PS: All prices quoted above are for the basic 35/35 Triple Play plan, excluding taxes & fees for things like STB's or DVR's.