Why I'm switching / changes I hope Verizon makes to get me back
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I realize this is just a community forum, but it would be great if some of these thoughts somehow get emailed to someone who has the power to do something.

First off, I am grateful to Verizon.  When you came to our area, our cable company was terrible.  Since you have been here, our cable company has taken numerous steps to improve itself.  Competition works.  Having cable companies as legal monopolies does not work.

Sadly, though, in the four years Verizon has been here, though the cable company has improved, Verizon has stagnated.

These are the points of emphasis that I hope Verizon improves and would enable me to switch back:

* A big one is the SEC Network.  There is basically no reason other than live sports to even have a TV service these days.  I don't care if it's on some sports tier or some super-ultimate sports package, but I would love to have some of the regional sports services Verizon doesn't carry - the SEC Network, the PAC 12 Networks, some of the Fox Sports networks that mostly carry games in other parts of the country, etc.

* The quantum DVR service is obnoxiously priced.  You want $20/month for 1TB and $30/month for 2TB.  Both of those price points are higher than what your competitor has and they only offer 2 TB.  I already had over 1 TB before because I bought an eSata drive.  Neither FIOS nor your local cable competitor offer eSata support with the 6-channel DVR service and if one of you did, that would be huge for me.

* Equipment upgrade fees.  My wi-fi router is having problems - I think it's a limited number of connections, but whatever it is doesn't matter.  You want $100 to upgrade your own equipment.  Why am I going to pay you to upgrade your own equipment?  This is the kind of thing that motivates people to move - when you start wanting money, doing nothing is not the path of least resistance and I'm going to look around.

* Have a way to COMPLETELY HIDE (not just block) channels.  I don't like Al Jazeera.  While I realize you are largely in the Northeast where people would want such propaganda, I'd rather not see it.  What would be nice is if I could totally remove the channel from existence on my DVR.  I don't want it in search results.  I don't want it to show on the guide.  I want it gone.  I have an Apple TV.  It comes with maybe 30 channels and it has a settings screen where you can choose which ones show up.  Something like that would be a way to appease everyone who doesn't like paying for some channel they don't want (Al Jazeera, MTV, etc).  Heck, if you do it right, it could even save you money because you could negotiate it into your contracts that you don't pay content providers if someone opts out of a channel.

Re: Why I'm switching / changes I hope Verizon makes to get me back

I would add that the text size on screen should definitely be enlarged. When I'm reading the text I'm obviously not watching the picture and not everybody has a 60 inch TV.

Re: Why I'm switching / changes I hope Verizon makes to get me back

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