Why I want to quit Verizon

My experience with Verizon has been the worst experience that I have ever had with any company. Let me explain to you why:

- I enrolled in a bundle package which was displayed on the Verizon Fios website. However, after I selected my services, the total amount was higher than the one that was displayed on the front page. When I called the customer service the representative was not able to see the same price as I did so I had to send him a print screen in order to confirm that I was not lying. Alas, received no reply.

- No one showed up for my first service installation appointment. After staying a whole day with my wife and my 2 yr old daughter, after I phoning Verizon, I was told that there was a problem with my equipment therefore it would be impossible to do the installation. I would have been nice if somebody would notify me of this beforehand.

- After a week without any news from Verizon I called to ask for the status of my order. The customer´s service representative said there was an unknown problem with my order and thus it could not be installed. No more information was presented. I could only hear him saying "I cannot believe this" and after waiting 40 minutes on the phone. Finally, my call was directed to the retention department who said everything was ok and ready to go. How can different people tell me contradictory information regarding my order?

- After the service installation I received a bill with a wrong total amount due estimate. Called Verizon, waited more 40 minutes (since the information on my file is getting more extensive) and I was redirected to another customer service representative. He assured me that he was going to help me and solve my problem. He added that the reason for the problem was due to an error on the system. Once again, I did not receive any answer back.

- Now I received a bill with the wrong total amount and my billing problem still subsists.

This whole experience with Verizon is beyond my understanding and I think I am getting a taste of that Verizon really is like so I want to cancel my services and move to a different provider.

Thank you.