Why Won't Verizon Honor Their Word?

I had a two year contract that ended this past October.  Twice in September, I contacted Verizon reps through chat and inquired if I would experience any bill increases.  On both occasions I was told by the Verizon rep that my current rate was extended for an additional year, and my bill payment would stay the same.  I have copies of both of these transcripts.  I relied on the information provided to me by Verizon reps; however, my October bill then showed an increase of roughly $10.  After contacting Verizon about this, a chat rep was only authorized to give me a one month $10 credit and advised that I call in.  After calling Verizon and explaining the situation, the rep advised that she could not assist in making the situation right.  This is despite the fact that I was assured on two separate occasions, in writing, by Verizon that my bill would remain the same.  Yet, Verizon appears to be disinterested in honoring what I was told and retaining a customer. Not so much as an offer to retain my business was made.  My next phone call is to Comcast to inquire about moving my business. I understand the "quality" argument, which the phone rep made rather distastefully.  But to me, taking care of your current customers, and honoring what was asserted by Verizon reps to a customer should be of the utmost importance.

Re: Why Won't Verizon Honor Their Word?

The problem here can be you had a discount that fell off after your contract ended.

if that was the case your basic service did not increase. The invoice increased due to a $10 credit expiring.

i understand your being mad, however I learned years ago to be proactive and not reactive. I have our home wired for cable internet and Fios internet. This way it is a simple process to just switch from one to the other.

but check your invoice to see why it increased. Verizon always informs on their invoice as to any up coming changes. Or credits expiring or even taxes and surcharges increasing. Look it over and see the difference via comparison.