Why do I need to CALL to get something that can be done online?
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I'm trying to cancel my service and so they require me to CALL them when I can pay my bill, upgrade my plan and do all kinds of other **bleep** online that gives them more of my money. But you know, me trying to give them less of my money, right? I already know the answer- MONEY! Just like everything else this company does is motivated by money and screw the customer/sucker.

Seriously, why the hell do I have to CALL a human to cancel my crap service to move when I can do everything else online? I know the answer- "let's make it as difficult as possible for these suckers to leave our service so they give up!" Get me on the phone, try to talk me out of leaving, try to trick me with more unfulfilled promises just like they did when I got away from their wireless service.

Re: Why do I need to CALL to get something that can be done online?

In the time it took you to complain about cancellations of your service you could have done and be over with it. 1-800-VERIZON say cancel service, they go to retention’s who will try and keep you. The one thing to remember is to say I DONT WANT YOUR SERVICE AND TURN IT OFF NOW. NO DEALS NO NOTHING.

dont believe the lie that you must keep it through the bill end date or start date. Have them turn it off immediately. If the equipment is their property find a local Verizon Fios store location and then go to it. Bring the Verizon owned equipment and get a receipt with your name and address and account number. Have each device scanned to show the serial number(s) as returned. This is a must.

also go into your account prior to quitting service and remove auto pay if you use it. Otherwise Verizon can access your money without your consent.

Good Luck